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Appearance of Siamese

Average size with a long thin body. They are very gracious, elegant and have a very muscular body. Their fur is short and shiny with a touch of nuanced ends and azure eyes.

Siamese character

Intelligent, sensible, curious, talkative, active, playful… They have a very assertive character. Siamese cats have a very strong and passionate bond with their master. Would you believe us if you told you your cat will follow you around like a dog?

Our breeding

We are a recognized and family breeding. The cattery is based on 3 fundamental principles: our exceptional quality, health / wellbeing of the cat and great behavior! We breed our cats WITHOUT CAGES or pens. This ensures all our cats and kittens a healthy and friendly environment. That's why they are so affectionate and sociable to their masters and humans around!

Our colours 

* Blue point
* Chcolat point
* Flame point (Red point)
* Lilac point
* Lynx point
* Seal point
* Tortie point (tortoiseshell) 

Passion Félin is a family business that stands out for the care and love we grant to our animals and customers. For almost 4 years, we have been able to develop methods that adapt and conform to the well-being of each of our kittens so that they thrive from the very beginning of their lives. What sets our cats apart is their friendly, kind and sociable behavior towards humans. Adopt your new best friend today!


The kitten is born all white. Around the age of one week, the cat’s nose begins to slightly color. Gradually, their colors become more precise: its mask, its ears and its legs are tinted uniformly as it grows in a greyish black colour or a redish orange color, depending on the breed. They come to the point of their final color around the age of 1 year and darken with age.

One of the main character traits of the Siamese cat is that it is very attached to its owner. The reason of this strong bond: this cat develops an attachment to humans rather than to a territory. Generally, he chooses a person in the home and never leaves him. As a matter of fact, he tends to follow his owner wherever he goes and even converses at times with him !

It is also a particularly intelligent cat. It comes as soon as it’s called and he quickly understands the prohibitions. With training, his master can even teach him to walk on a leash and do all kinds of tricks.

Before being adopted, the kitten will be examined narrowly by our veterinarian and will receive its basic vaccine (Rhinotrachête, Calicivirose and Panleucopénie). The next day a dewormer (Fenbendazole) will be administered for the next 5 days to prevent intestinal worms. A health guarantee offered by the cattery and a personalized Passion Félin kit.

An implanted microchip is included because your pet is dear to you. In the event of a loss it can be used to trace the cat. 

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Ready to welcome a new member to your family?

Ready to welcome a new member to your family?
For information and / or a visit to our cattery in the city of Longeuil in Quebec.
contact us at
514-836-3531 (cell)
or send us an email: info@siamoisetmoi.ca
Looking forward to meeting you!

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